Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween

Considering we were housebound with baby duty, we had a very busy Halloween. Our friend Pete, from Cornell, came to visit. Pete came down to LA on his motorcycle from San Francisco, where he is currently working on his PhD at Berkeley. It's always wonderful to see fellow A&EP (applied & engineering physics) alumna. Pete has been much better about visiting us in LA than we have been about visiting him in San Francisco =)

Traditional Halloween antics ensued, with some very serious pumpkin carving. The finished product was impressively scary. Given this is Noelle's first Halloween, Alex and I couldn't resist having a little fun with her... seeing if she would fit in the pumpkin. It wasn't her favorite part of the day. After all of that visiting and parent shenanigans, she was one tired baby!

Noelle's first crush!

 Serious business, pumpkin carving

The finished product
Pumpkin Baby
Passed-out Baby

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