Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's Getting Hot in Here

As most of you know, Alex is a resident advisor at Caltech's Avery House. Living at Avery the past two years has been very enjoyable. It's a quiet, clean dorm with wonderful residents who tolerate us and the noisy dogs. Even Noelle has settled in comfortably there. Though, our one-bedroom apartment is starting to seem a little small with two dogs and the baby!

One drawback from dorm living is frequent fire alarms. From burnt toast to too much shower steam, sometimes it seems like anything will set off the alarm system. This week, however, we've had two actual fires! Okay, I use the term 'fire' loosely... more like two cases of something actually burning within the building.

Fire #1 was Monday morning (when baby girl was dead asleep, of course). A student had fallen asleep with a candle burning under the bunk bed! Needless to say, it wasn't long before the bottom of the bed was black and started to smoke. Thankfully for the student, he used the bunk as storage and slept on the floor.

Fire #2 was this morning, when the contents of an overstuffed dryer caught fire. By overstuffed, I mean really overstuffed; sleeping bag, blanket, towel, clothes and foam pillow!

Dryer Contents (sorry about the over-exposure)

This 'fire' was much  more inconvenient... in that it required an actual visit from the fire department and use of a fire extinguisher. Lucky for us, the fire department is across the street. I think the firemen just walked over! The foam pillow was a particularly nice addition, since it really smelled and filled the whole building with smoke while burning. The culprit dryer had to be hauled away.

Hole Left in Laundry Room

Noelle was a good sport about this, but after being outside for 40 min she was wound up and her morning schedule was pretty much shot. As all parents have discovered, trying to put an overtired baby to sleep is near impossible. After an hour and a half of trying to get her to sleep in her crib (Dr.s nowadays recommend motionless sleep, consistently in the crib) I gave up and plopped her down in the swing. Ten minutes later, I had this:

Finally Asleep 
(yes, Dr.s recommend not using a pacifier either... oh well!)

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