Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day

This Thanksgiving we had a real treat - we went to my sister Stacy and her fiance Ian's place for turkey dinner. All we had to bring were pies (courtesy of Pasadena establishment Pie 'n Burger) and a green bean casserole. Now that's an easy way to do Thanksgiving! Also in attendance was their friends Calvin & Keith and Ian's sister, Sarah, and her husband, Chris.

Stacy with the spread
Everyone contributed dishes to come up with the wonderful spread pictured above. Special mention goes to Calvin, who prepared an exceptional turkey with bacon and pears!

Calvin - a.k.a. Master Turkey Chef

Little miss Noelle behaved exceptionally for her first full afternoon/evening away from home. She loved all of the attention she received. Best of all, she took a two-hour nap right at dinner time so mom and dad could enjoy a meal like adults =)

Getting some lovin' from Aunt Stacy
Rockin' the Travel Bed

The only ones who did not appreciate us spending Thanksgiving away were the dogs. I had taken them for a run earlier in the afternoon, hoping it would tire them out and they'd just sleep while were were gone. Unfortunately, it was not sufficient. The dogs built up some serious nervous energy when we didn't come home until 9pm. Fortunately for us, they channeled it like good dogs, into a hole in the ground, instead of eating the furniture!

The dog's Thanksgiving Entertainment

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