Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Like Mother Like Daughter?

Well, we have safely made it back to LA. Our trip this time went much more smoothly than on the way out (and it went well on the way out also). Whether it was the fact that Alex was there to help (wonderful!), that Noelle was three weeks older, or just luck, we had a very uneventful trip home. Noelle took a short nap on our flight from Milwaukee to Minneapolis and a full two-hour nap on the flight from Minneapolis to Los Angeles. Then, when we arrived home at 3:30 pm LA time, she passed out for the night (minus eating breaks, of course)!

While at home, I dug around my parents' boxes of old photographs and found some baby pictures of myself. Much to my surprise, it appears Noelle actually looks like me. I only remember photographs from when I was 1 year old and up, where I look very different from these early pics. In these pics, though, we look remarkably similar. Observe:

Early Baby Photos

Hanging out with Dad/Grandpa 

Alex and I had been shocked, and Alex was a bit suspicious =), when Noelle was born with dark hair, since we were both very fair as children. Who knew, I was actually born with dark hair too! I absolutely love the pictures with my dad, so cute. Again, Noelle and I appear to be quite similar. Even my dad doesn't appear that different, considering the 29 years between the pictures!

Unfortunately for Noelle, I looked pretty goofy by the time I was 1-year-old (see below). Maybe she'll be lucky and stop looking like me by then!

Lindsey at 1-year

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wedding and 3 Months Old

Yesterday was a big day for the Brock/Hayes clan!

First up, and most importantly, my sister Stacy got married to a wonderful man, Ian McLellan. It's so hard to believe that this day has already come and gone!

The Happy Couple

Adorable Flower Girls

Stacy and Ian met when they were both in the Teach For America program in Los Angeles, about 4 1/2 years ago. They share a great sense of humor, compassion for others and make a lovely couple! 

Their wedding was just beautiful - black & white theme and accented with the seasonal decorations. The ceremony was very intimate and the reception couldn't have been a more energetic party. It was a wonderful night all around.

Little Noelle, who turned three months old yesterday as well, got to make a cameo at the wedding. She was escorted in as part of the processional by her father. Little girl seemed to know she was on stage, because she was all smiles for her appearance. Afterward, she took a nice nap downstairs during the ceremony.

Daddy and Baby Girl

The highlight of Noelle's day, I think, was meeting more of her extended family. Especially wonderful was meeting her great-grandfather, Francis Brock (my father's dad). He made the trip up from Indiana to see his granddaughter's wedding and meet Noelle. Noelle will have a busy week meeting more family as Christmas approaches!

Meeting Great-Grandpa

Getting Comfy!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hanging Out

Taking a bottle from Mom

Things have been going well so far during our visit in WI. The only problem we're facing now is that Noelle won't take a bottle from anyone else but me. I've given her a few to verify it isn't that she's still refusing the bottles themselves. Rather, she is refusing to associate eating (nursing or bottle) with anyone rather then me. My parents are patiently working with her (read - tolerating a lot of crying). Hopefully, we can get her to eat from other people by the end of the week. Otherwise, I won't be able to attend all of the wedding activities. At least, not sans baby.

On Wednesday, some of my mother's friends came over to coo over the new grandbaby. Below is Noelle meeting Susan Sokol. This was a special meeting for me, since some of my earliest memories are playing at Susan's house. Her family lived across the street from my parents and my sister and I would wander over there frequently to feed their golden retriever crackers =) The summer before 1st grade I even broke my arm playing in their yard!
 Meeting Susan

The weather has been cool (at least by baby standards - I think it's been perfect for running!). So, we have mostly been staying inside. For the requisite transfers between car and building, Noelle has been staying warm.

 Bundled in the warm snuggly - Thanks Uncle Billy!

 Sitting up - my new favorite position!

Clean Baby

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Safe in WI

Very tired baby on Monday

Whew, we made it. On Sunday, Noelle and I took on the major task of flying to WI, alone and with a connection in Atlanta. That was stressful... I will not do that again soon =).

The first frustration was in LA. Arriving in the terminal 1 1/2 hours before our flight, I planned to relax in the Delta's SkyClub lounge and have the baby well fed and rested for the flight.

They wouldn't let me in.

I had a 1st class, cross-country ticket... they should have let me in. Darn it. (Alex called to complain and they're sending us some free passes - too little, too late).

So, instead we spent that time in the busy/loud terminal. Noelle was a real little trooper. Especially on our first flight from LA to Atlanta. She hardly cried, ate semi-decently, considering the distracting surroundings, and even took a 40 min nap right when my food came.

In Atlanta, she breezed through the whole terminal change process. Atlanta is a big airport, but has convenient trains so transfer time was small. Then, waiting at our gate in Atlanta, things fell apart a little. It was very crowded/loud and our plane was about 1/2 hour late. By the time we finally got on the plane, poor baby girl was very tired, very hungry (wouldn't eat in the terminal) and way overstimulated. She spent about 10 min screaming as the plane boarded. The other passengers were probably horrified at the possibility of the whole flight being like that =) Thankfully, once the flight started, the engine noise went up and the lights went off she was able to relax, eat, and even sleep a little.

So, we made it to Milwaukee safe and sound. I knew I was back in the Midwest as soon as we stepped off the plane and someone offered to help me setup the stroller. That was the only offer of help I received from another passenger the whole day!

Noelle spent almost all day Monday sleeping to recover, and now she's a happy, well-rested baby again =) To her great surprise, she has a better set-up in Wisconsin then at home! My parents set up the crib and changing table that they used when my siblings and I were growing up. She also has a swing, rocking chair and bassinet. What more could a baby want?

All ready for Baby Girl

Enjoying the crib (it's so big!)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Holiday Photos

Now we just have to choose which photos to use on the holiday card =)