Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hanging Out

Taking a bottle from Mom

Things have been going well so far during our visit in WI. The only problem we're facing now is that Noelle won't take a bottle from anyone else but me. I've given her a few to verify it isn't that she's still refusing the bottles themselves. Rather, she is refusing to associate eating (nursing or bottle) with anyone rather then me. My parents are patiently working with her (read - tolerating a lot of crying). Hopefully, we can get her to eat from other people by the end of the week. Otherwise, I won't be able to attend all of the wedding activities. At least, not sans baby.

On Wednesday, some of my mother's friends came over to coo over the new grandbaby. Below is Noelle meeting Susan Sokol. This was a special meeting for me, since some of my earliest memories are playing at Susan's house. Her family lived across the street from my parents and my sister and I would wander over there frequently to feed their golden retriever crackers =) The summer before 1st grade I even broke my arm playing in their yard!
 Meeting Susan

The weather has been cool (at least by baby standards - I think it's been perfect for running!). So, we have mostly been staying inside. For the requisite transfers between car and building, Noelle has been staying warm.

 Bundled in the warm snuggly - Thanks Uncle Billy!

 Sitting up - my new favorite position!

Clean Baby

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