Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Safe in WI

Very tired baby on Monday

Whew, we made it. On Sunday, Noelle and I took on the major task of flying to WI, alone and with a connection in Atlanta. That was stressful... I will not do that again soon =).

The first frustration was in LA. Arriving in the terminal 1 1/2 hours before our flight, I planned to relax in the Delta's SkyClub lounge and have the baby well fed and rested for the flight.

They wouldn't let me in.

I had a 1st class, cross-country ticket... they should have let me in. Darn it. (Alex called to complain and they're sending us some free passes - too little, too late).

So, instead we spent that time in the busy/loud terminal. Noelle was a real little trooper. Especially on our first flight from LA to Atlanta. She hardly cried, ate semi-decently, considering the distracting surroundings, and even took a 40 min nap right when my food came.

In Atlanta, she breezed through the whole terminal change process. Atlanta is a big airport, but has convenient trains so transfer time was small. Then, waiting at our gate in Atlanta, things fell apart a little. It was very crowded/loud and our plane was about 1/2 hour late. By the time we finally got on the plane, poor baby girl was very tired, very hungry (wouldn't eat in the terminal) and way overstimulated. She spent about 10 min screaming as the plane boarded. The other passengers were probably horrified at the possibility of the whole flight being like that =) Thankfully, once the flight started, the engine noise went up and the lights went off she was able to relax, eat, and even sleep a little.

So, we made it to Milwaukee safe and sound. I knew I was back in the Midwest as soon as we stepped off the plane and someone offered to help me setup the stroller. That was the only offer of help I received from another passenger the whole day!

Noelle spent almost all day Monday sleeping to recover, and now she's a happy, well-rested baby again =) To her great surprise, she has a better set-up in Wisconsin then at home! My parents set up the crib and changing table that they used when my siblings and I were growing up. She also has a swing, rocking chair and bassinet. What more could a baby want?

All ready for Baby Girl

Enjoying the crib (it's so big!)

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  1. Oh man Lindsey! You braved the airport gauntlet and lived to tell the tale. So many comforts have been stripped (searched?) from flying that it's not very people friendly anymore, much less baby friendly. Sooo nervous about flying post-baby. Way to get through it! Have wonderful visit in WI.