Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wedding and 3 Months Old

Yesterday was a big day for the Brock/Hayes clan!

First up, and most importantly, my sister Stacy got married to a wonderful man, Ian McLellan. It's so hard to believe that this day has already come and gone!

The Happy Couple

Adorable Flower Girls

Stacy and Ian met when they were both in the Teach For America program in Los Angeles, about 4 1/2 years ago. They share a great sense of humor, compassion for others and make a lovely couple! 

Their wedding was just beautiful - black & white theme and accented with the seasonal decorations. The ceremony was very intimate and the reception couldn't have been a more energetic party. It was a wonderful night all around.

Little Noelle, who turned three months old yesterday as well, got to make a cameo at the wedding. She was escorted in as part of the processional by her father. Little girl seemed to know she was on stage, because she was all smiles for her appearance. Afterward, she took a nice nap downstairs during the ceremony.

Daddy and Baby Girl

The highlight of Noelle's day, I think, was meeting more of her extended family. Especially wonderful was meeting her great-grandfather, Francis Brock (my father's dad). He made the trip up from Indiana to see his granddaughter's wedding and meet Noelle. Noelle will have a busy week meeting more family as Christmas approaches!

Meeting Great-Grandpa

Getting Comfy!

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