Thursday, January 13, 2011

Are you a dog person?

Here in sunny LA, one of our (Noelle and my) favorite activities is a daily walk with the dogs. Very early on I noticed an unexpected theme while walking the baby and the dogs; many compliments on how cute/adorable/beautiful the dogs are... few comments on the baby.

Yesterday, we were sitting on a bench; I had Noelle out of the stroller and was horsing around with her, showing her the tree above us, etc. A man came up and oohed and aahed... over the dogs. "Oh, how beautiful they are... oh, cute kid too. Huh? I mean, I love my dogs... but really, the dogs are what is cute here? Umm, thanks.

I had been thinking that it's just because they are greyhounds... a little of an unusual sight. I realized tonight, however, that some people are just 'dog' people... to the extreme. Here was the situation:

I was at the vet with Suka (getting a retest for a skin condition... a test that takes two weeks to get back... and they lost the first one! Anyway...) We're checking out and there is one other woman in the waiting area. She has a border collie with her and is holding what looks (to me) like a 6 month old baby girl. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Oh, she's so adorable. How old is she?
Lady: Just over a year.
Me: Really? I'm sorry, she just looks a little small to me. I have a 4 month old at home and she's almost the same size.
Lady: Yeah, she is one of the smaller ones we've had... though, their growing really slows down after 6 months.
Me: Huh, I've never hear that.

At this point, she got called into the Dr.'s office and we said our polite good-byes. Only then, slow one that I am, did it occur to me that she had been talking about her dog while I was talking about her baby! I couldn't believe it, a woman holding her baby assumes that the compliment she just received is about her dog. I guess, even with how much I love my dogs, I just don't qualify as a 'dog' person.

Here's a fun baby pic to tide you over (from our usual onslaught). This shows just how much (or little, depending on your perspective) Noelle has changed in the last 3 months. Cheers =)

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