Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby Reunion

Today was an exciting day for Noelle; we had a reunion with our Bradley Method baby class. It was Noelle's first time seeing other babies and it was so cute to see all of the babies check each other out! Alex and I really enjoyed catching up with the other parents too. There was the usual swapping of birth stories and stacking up of baby milestones. The best part, though, was seeing everyone show off their new little bundles of joy.


The two babies on the left are twins... good for their parents! The little guy with the cute boots in the middle was the first born of the group, coming two weeks before Noelle (4 weeks before his due date). The guy next to Noelle (far right) gets the prize for being the biggest. He beat her by almost two pounds, despite being almost a month younger and being born at about the same weight =) The part I liked best, though, was seeing the cute heads of hair some of these babies have! I'm jealous of the little girl next to Noelle, who can already wear cute little bows!

Here's Noelle getting a little social with some new friends. The first of many play dates in her future.

Making Friends

It was a fun outing for Alex and I, having the opportunity to socialize with other new parents who are going through roughly the same things we are right now. Every baby has their own little quirks. Some (like Noelle) only sleep in their own crib while others won't sleep unless lying next to or on a parent. Some are sleeping through the night, others wake 2-3 times still (Noelle, again).  It's funny how much they all have their own little personalities already, too!

The Whole Group

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