Friday, January 7, 2011

Baby's Second Christmas

The last few days have been a second Christmas of sorts for Noelle.

First, Noelle got a very special present from a very special person... Lina, the first Avery House baby! In addition to two resident advisor apartments, Avery House has three apartments for faculty residents. ~10 years ago, Lina's parents, Vilia and Jonas, were the very first faculty residents at Avery and were living here when Lina was born. Now, they're doing another rotation at Avery with Lina and were here for the second Avery baby, Noelle. Lina made Noelle an adorable piece of wall art; perfect for above Noelle's crib.

Vilia & Lina with Noelle

Noelle is just getting old enough for some of the 'fun' baby gear. A few days ago we received an Ergo baby carrier from our friends Arvind and Laura (expecting their baby girl in two weeks!). This little contraption has already been a lifesaver. As my family learned during our visit in December, Noelle rarely settles for anything other then being held in the upright position. She's still a little young to sit upright in the Maya and Moby wraps we have... so this Ergo carrier is a huge weight off our shoulders, literally! The last few evenings, during Noelle's fussy time, I've carried her around in this and she has really enjoyed it.

Noelle relaxing in the Ergo

Our friends Jason and Denise (who are busy busy with their 2 1/2 month old twin daughters) found a spare moment to send us this adorable rain forest booster seat. Noelle is maybe a month or so away from being able to use it - we tired it, she still plops over right now =) but we can tell how handy it will become. Certainly useful in travel situations, we'll also be using it a ton at home, since we don't have room for a highchair right now and Noelle can start solids soon!

Handy booster seat (Noelle will model soon!)

Finally, as if this baby didn't just get enough swag, I got her a bebePod chair. This little contraption helps baby's between 4 months and 1 year sit up. Noelle loved sitting propped up on the furniture at my parent's house. Since our furniture is a little too squishy, this pod is her new upright home. 

I think she likes it!

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  1. Yay! So glad Noelle likes the Ergo, and that it's easy on your back. She looks delighted in her bebePod chair too....what a smile!