Sunday, February 13, 2011

Breakfast at IHop

Normally, well pre-baby, Alex and I loved going out to brunch every Sunday; it was tradition. Pasadena is full of cute little places for brunch and there were 3 or so which we rotated between. At these little places, I know I never appreciated the noise of babies. So, we haven't been going since Noelle's arrival. However, there are baby friendly breakfast places out there... even if they don't serve Mimosas. Yesterday we took Noelle with us to IHop!

IHop does have it's advantages; large, noisy, kid-friendly and open 24 hours. (Side note, did you know that their CEO fought for 3 years to get them to switch from plastic to metal silverware?) We brought along Noelle's booster seat and plopped her on the table in front of us. She was a huge hit with the waitstaff. At one point, we had to remind our waitress to stop smiling at the please go get our food, because Noelle wasn't going to be happy forever =)

With Dad

With Mom

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