Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day of the Wrap

Noelle was a bit fussy today*. So, we spent the day experimenting with our various wraps and cheesy bathroom photography**. Observe:

Moby Wrap

Maya Wrap

The Moby wrap was soooo comfortable in this position. Her face in the picture notwithstanding, Noelle really had a good time in the 'outward' facing position. I had her in there about 40 minutes while I walked around the house and she was smiling and kicking up a storm. The down side was it was terribly complicated to get her in and out of that position =) The Moby wrap is one huge, long (12 ft about), length of fabric. It's fabric origami to get the baby in and out of there! So, I would recommend this if you know the baby will be in there for a while... but not for a quick run into a drug store!

The Maya wrap, while less comfortable with the weight distribution on one shoulder, wins the 'ease' contest hands down. I could get her in and out of that one in two seconds. This is definitely an errand-running wrap.

Not pictured is the Ergo carrier we have. I like that one so much I keep it in the car for whenever I have to do grocery shopping, etc. with Noelle. All-in-all, we have a wonderful array of baby toting devices.

*Noelle is 'fussy' because this is our 4th day of daytime weaning. I'm going back to work on March 4th and little miss has to get used to only using bottles during the day. She is not a fan. Expect another post soon on how this pans out.

** Yes, our mirror is very dirty. I have a 5 month old... such is life =)

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