Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Banana Taste

The last few weeks Alex and I have been offering Noelle rice cereal once and, more recently, twice a day. She has been getting the hang of it and, if we catch her in the right mood (not tired and just hungry enough) she'll down however much we offer her.

We've been debating about the best 'next' food to try. Our Dr. warned that if we start w/ fruits we may have a hard time getting her to eat vegetables, since they're not as sweet. Some things I've read, however, recommend starting breastfed babies w/ fruits because breast milk is so sweet (compared to formula) that it increases the chances that they'll accept solid foods without a struggle. We bantered back and forth and finally decided that we'd use avocado has her next food... an easy fruit to offer (it and banana are the only ones that don't need to be cooked early on) and not quite so sweet.

This afternoon, however, I strayed from our plan. At 5pm Noelle was clearly hungry. I had nursed her just 40 min prior (supply is low in the late afternoon, usually). Further, I didn't have any pumped milk to give her or to mix with rice cereal. Finally, I ate the last of our avocado on my salad for lunch. Poor planning all around! What I did have, though, is some frozen banana slices in the freezer. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

So, I took two banana slices, quickly defrosted them and mashed them with a fork. I didn't even puree them - fussy babies don't wait for fancy appliance action. Not sure how Noelle would like the new lumpy concoction I was offering her, I tentatively gave her a bite. Two minutes later, this is how Noelle looked after gobbling up every little bit:

Yum, I like banana!

She was so pleased that I defrosted another slice and gave her that too. While the rice cereal usually ends up all over the place, she barely wasted a scrap of the banana... it all went down! So, while we may have a harder time getting her to eat veggies, it was certainly worth it for how much she enjoyed herself =)

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  1. OMG....too cute! With that smile, who could deny her? Go Mom!