Thursday, February 17, 2011

Making Baby Food

With Noelle enjoying solids more and more, I decided to give making baby food a try. Bananas & avocado have been easy, since they don't need to be cooked. Also, white potato was convenient since I made baked potatoes one day anyway. Now, though, it's time to expand her menu a bit.

Too lazy to make it to the store this morning, I used what was on hand: potatoes, apples and dried apricots. I have a handy baby cookbook that Grandma Hayes gave Noelle:

Baby Cookbook

The two variations of french fry on the cover notwithstanding, this book has a ton of healthy recipes. Not that I can really use them now; Noelle is still eating single ingredient purees =) The book also, however, includes tips on how to make the best purees, including for my dried apricots!

Cooking Apples Smell Soooo Good!

The book recommends making large batches and freezing portions in ice cube trays. We have an ice maker, though, and no trays. So, I froze single portions in blobs on cookie sheets and then put them in plastic bags, once frozen.

Apricots Ready for the Freezer

Making three batches of food (about 15 servings of each) only took me about 45 min. Not too bad at all. The best part was Noelle got to sample the batch of warm apricot puree right away =)
Apricots are Pretty Good!

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