Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sleeping Like a Big Girl - kinda

In addition to becoming accustomed to bottles (going slightly better), it occurred to me that Noelle also needs to become used to sleeping in a large crib before starting day care next week. Poor thing, so many changes at once! Anyway, she is getting close to the length/weight limit of our mini co-sleeper and has pretty much gotten the full intended use out of it (thanks, Uncle Billy!) So, today I broke out the Graco Pack 'N Play that a friend graciously donated to us (thanks, Alejandro!).

She used a crib with no problem at my parent's house in December, for three weeks. That was, however, before she could roll over and squirm around so much. The co-sleeper was small enough that she couldn't really roll over or change position. When her morning nap time came around, I did the usual soothing routine and placed her in the Pack 'N Play, hoping for the best.

A few minutes later the crying started. Usually, she falls asleep for naps on her own, with little or no crying. Five minutes later, when the crying elevated to screaming I went in. Sure enough, she had flipped from her back onto her stomach, was stuck, and was furious about it (for whatever reason, she can't go from her stomach to her back yet). So, I calmed her down, put her on her back and left the room.

Again, she started crying a few minutes later. I was about to go in but stopped myself at the door - she really does have to learn to sleep on her own in the bigger space. So, I started some laundry to distract myself and 10 min later, when she was finally quiet, I peeked in and found this:

Finally Asleep*

She had spun herself around 90 deg =) This orientation, of course, defeats the purpose of giving her a larger sleeping area! At least she fell asleep, though. One step at a time!

*** Update for afternoon nap ***

This time, she ended up sideways and on her stomach. A gymnast in the making?

Afternoon Nap

* I forgot to turn off the camera flash. Thankfully, it didn't wake her up!

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