Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekend Randomness

Weaning - not for the weak: Daytime weaning Noelle has been rough - on both of us. It's my own fault for not insisting on bottles earlier. Once nursing got going it was so much easier that I let the bottle thing go, not realizing how hard it would be on Noelle. All last week we only used bottles during the day and - most of the time - Noelle looked like this:

Why won't you just nurse me?

That face broke my heart! Especially, since, I had exactly what she wanted and she knew it. She still took her solids fine and would finally take a bottle late in the afternoon - but we were both miserable all day. At night she made up for lost time with extra nursing. So, neither one of us was very well rested either.

Today I'm just nursing her like normal and we're both happier. I'm going to keep doing so until she goes to daycare next week. I'll be able to nurse her on the weekends once she starts daycare anyway. So, home will be for nursing and daycare for bottles. Her 'teacher' at daycare said this approach has worked for other babies she had and that the babies catch on pretty quick. It's easier for them to take bottles there 'cause mom isn't around with the preferred option. Sigh, I'll be glad once we're settled into a routine and this mini-drama is passed.

New Car Seat: Little baby girl isn't so little any more. She has already reached the length limit on her infant car seat. She's still a few pounds away from the weight limit, but it was time to upgrade. So, this entered our home over the weekend:

Check out my new seat!

This car seat, the Britax Roundabout 55, is good until she's 55 pounds. It's a convertible seat - rear facing now and front facing once she's a year old. So, it'll be with us a while. 

It seems my two engineering degrees were prerequisites for installing this thing; it was pretty darn complicated. I spent more time then I'd like to admit pouring over the instruction manual and my car's manual to make sure I did it right. Adding to the difficulty was how huge this seat is for my little car. I ordered this seat because it's supposedly one of the smaller convertible car seats. Well, here is how well it fits in my car:

Barely made it in - with my seat moved considerably forward!

Here it is, jammed right up against my seat. There is no way Alex could drive my car with it in there. Now I know why American roads are jam-packed with SUVs. It's not, as commonly believed, our pre-occupation with getting everything bigger and better. It's because SUVs are the only vehicles large enough to accommodate the child seats we're required by law to use! 

I swear, this seat is so extreme Noelle could survive the g-forces of a space ship. Gone are the days of mothers riding home from the hospital with their infants in their arms. We had to sign a car seat release before the hospital let us take her home. At least we know she's safe in there.

New Stroller: Being too big for the car seat means Noelle now needed a new stroller also. Until now, we've just been using a frame that carried the car seat or the jogging stroller (great for jogging - tough to handle on a walk w/ both dogs though). I spent this week trolling, looking for a used stroller with the features I wanted. Finally, I gave up today and we headed to the overpriced baby-boutique (really, I'm a sucker for instant gratification and I ran out of patience). So, while I spent 30% more then I told myself I would, I ended up with exactly what I wanted and absolutely love it.

Check out my new ride!

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