Sunday, March 6, 2011

Have a Better Day

Noelle and I did our best to make the most out of our last week w/ me at home.

Going for a run w/ Mom - check out my track suit!

Alex taunting Noelle w/ a toy, trying to get her to roll over

First Carrot Taste - not an immediate favorite

Day Care Status: I eased her into the day care schedule with 1/2 days on Tuesday and Wednesday. She did a full day on Thursday and then I went back to work on Friday. With day care comes exposure to germs. She as her first cold and so, of course, Alex and I have it too =)

She's taking about 6oz formula while at daycare (should be closer to 12-15oz) but at least it's something. To make up for it, she's nursing 4-5 times per night. While I prefer more rest, at least this way she's getting the majority of her calories from breast milk for a while longer. She takes her solids like a champ while there and has been napping very well (though, this is likely also because she's tired from not sleeping well!).

On Thursday afternoon I was trying to distract myself since I couldn't go get Noelle from day care yet. By noon, I had already gone for a run, got an oil change, lifted weights at the gym and taken the dogs for a long walk. Out of ideas, I headed to the movie theater.

On my way there I was pulled over. Ugh, I was completely at a loss and honestly asked the officer why he had stopped me. "Failure to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk" was the answer. True enough, I had just made a right and there were pedestrians in the crosswalk: they had just stepped off the curb on the other side of the road, four lanes away. So, yes, technically I did not yield to them. However, I hardly think this meets the intent of the police department's Protect and Serve mantra. Upon walking away after giving me a ticket for my offense, he told me to "Have a better day." Um, thanks.

The Dogs: I get asked, often, how the dogs react to Noelle. The answer is, they don't. So far, they seem to place Noelle in the same category as the television - background noise they can just ignore. Here's an example. This morning, Alex was goofing around, trying to have Noelle 'ride' Suka. Suka's response? She decided to just lay down and wait it out =)

I'll just wait for you to go away.

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  1. Suka I applaud you! Sounds like the best response you could hope for with a baby in the house. Pacifist dogs are the best. Sorry to hear about Noelle's cold -- man, that fast huh? Crazy.