Friday, April 15, 2011

Blueberries, yummy!

Enjoying my blueberry and rice cereal breakfast!
Today I'm staying home to catch up on some household tasks. A nice side-effect of staying home is that I got to give Noelle her breakfast. She loves her solids, and she's really happy in the mornings. So, breakfast is the most fun meal of the day. 
After she was fed, we headed over to day care where they were having a parent breakfast pot-luck (I signed up for the very easy bagels and cream cheese). So I had breakfast and chatted with other parents and Noelle's teachers while she played happily with the other babies. It is cute to watch her with them now, especially since she can move around, go after toys, etc.. I was glad to spend some time with her there while she played and see that she was enjoying herself.

The rest of the day will include apartment cleaning, a workout, walking the dogs (poor, neglected doggies) and a lunch date with Alex. Then, we'll pick baby girl up early and start the weekend  =)

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  1. Love how the blueberry smear perfectly emphasizes her smile. Noelle and I are seeing eye-to-eye on this one.