Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

5 Years

Yesterday was our 5 year anniversary. That came up fast! We have had a pretty dynamic 5 years. The highlights include:
  • Moved to Los Angeles - Lindsey started working at Boeing and Alex started his PhD studies
  • We has some wonderful vacations; one to Italy including Rome/Florence/Cinque Terra and another to Austria/Czech Republic
  • The greyhounds, Suka and Ezra, joined our lives
  • Alex became a Resident Advisor and we moved into Avery House
  • Lindsey ran some marathons (Long Beach and Surf City) and we completed two Pasadena half marathons together
  • Lindsey finished her MBA and, within weeks, Noelle was on the way =)
  • The highlight, of course, is that we had Noelle!
  • Alex finished his PhD, yay!
Now, we're ready for the next phase. We'll be moving up to Berkeley in a few weeks for Alex to start his post-doctoral fellowship there. Who knows what the next 5 years will bring?

Yesterday was also Noelle's 9-month well baby check-up. It's a few weeks early, but I wanted to get it in before our move. She actually enjoyed this Dr. visit. She didn't need to get any vaccinations and there was this marvelously entertaining mirror =)

Who's that pretty baby?

As if our little one-bedroom apartment wasn't crowded enough, this week Alex decided it was time to build his own desktop computer. I'm impressed at how well he did; ordering the parts himself and assembling them in one night. It even works! We don't really have the space, however, and this arrangement of taking up our living room simply cannot last.

Big, much?

Finally, I leave you with a father-daughter shot for the week. We very rarely have the television on when Noelle is awake, and here's why:

Watching some TV

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Videos

Here are some little videos to see what Noelle has been up to:

Eating Puff Cereal

Making a Mess

All Shaken Up

Friday, May 20, 2011

8 Months Old

Trying out the booster seat

Noelle has been a busy girl! The last few nights I have been trying to get a picture of her to post for her 8-month 'birthday'. Each night, though, she has been so tired from playing all day that I couldn't get it done. Yesterday was my last day at work.This morning, I was finally able to grab a picture of Noelle playing in her booster seat before breakfast.

Last night we discovered that she is strong enough to tip herself over in the little red chair we've been using to feed her in. So, while we can still use it on the floor sometimes, it was time to transition to a more secure location for meals. The booster seat above was a gift from some friends who, having an older baby, were 'in-the-know' that this would be a useful item. I can already tell that we'll get a ton of use out of it!

Today is another important milestone; baby girl is finally getting a crib! We won't be able to set it up here. As soon as we're in the Bay Area, though, she'll be sleeping in style =)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lone Star State

This weekend was a great adventure; we flew to Dallas, TX for my friend Shantini's wedding!

Shantini and I first became friends about 10 years ago (cough, can't believe it has been that long!) when we were RAs (resident advisors in a dorm) at Cornell together. Our friendship has survived the time and distance apart and I feel so fortunate to count Shantini among my closest friends.

Shantini meeting Noelle at the Rehearsal Dinner

The weekend was full of many wonderful events. Fortunately, we were able to spend both Friday and Saturday night hanging out with Shantini and her husband, Huy. Through a series of complications (read "procrastination and pregnancy") I hadn't yet been able to meet Huy! So, it was soooo nice, with all the family and friends around, that we were able to get to know Huy some. They are such a lovely couple =)

Enjoying the First Dance

The weekend could not have gone better from a logistical standpoint. The hotel/venue were extremely close which made everything very convenient. Noelle was an absolute doll all weekend, too. We couldn't believe how well she did with the plane flights and being in a strange environment - and meeting tons of new people!

Noelle's first Big High-Chair Experience

We can't imagine how the weekend could have gone any better. Again, it was sooo lovely to spend time with Shantini and Huy's friends and family. It was clear how much everyone loves this couple and how lucky everyone felt to be able to share in their wedding weekend. Some more fun pictures follow below. Now, we're all going to be early to recover =)

Can't go wrong with flying

Hanging out in the hair/makeup room

Almost crawling!

Preparations in full swing

Adorable Flower Girls

Beautiful Outdoor Ceremony

Enjoying the Reception

Thursday, May 12, 2011


One of Noelle's favorite activities right now is what we call "up-and-downs". These are simply her practicing standing up and then sitting back down. Boring for some, but marvelous entertainment for a baby!

Watch Me Stand Up!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day

Happy Mother's Day!

This afternoon, Noelle found the tiara that my friends got for the baby shower they graciously hosted for me. It says "Mother to Be" on it... appropriate for mothers day =) Noelle seemed to enjoy wearing it for a bit!

We have had a relaxing and uneventful weekend. My ear infection is still lingering (must be viral, because the antibiotics haven't kicked it), and Alex came down with the flu. So, were were all ready for some R&R. 

One outing we did make was to a local mall. Noelle likes malls about as much as Alex and I (not much at all). It was soooo loud and overwhelmingly busy. The best part of the outing, though, was playing with Daddy over lunch.

This is fun, but we could have done this at home.

While not crawling yet, Noelle continues to be very very mobile. Yesterday, she was scooting around so much that she actually scooted right out of her pants (see below). She'll really be keeping us on our toes once she can actually crawl!

Who needs pants anyway?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

First Road Trip - Success!

Sorry we've been MIA... last week was busy! On Wednesday night we left for our first 'big' road trip - to San Francisco!

San Francisco was the perfect distance for a road trip right now, about 5.5 hours. The plan was to leave around 6:30 pm (Noelle's bedtime) so she could spend most of the drive sleeping. That's exactly what happened. She was such a good trooper, both there and back. She only cried a very little, maybe 10 minutes, on the way out. On the way back, Saturday night, we hardly remembered she was there until she stirred while we were getting gas. Who wouldn't, with those bright gas station lights? She was such a good sport about the whole thing, what a doll!

We took surprisingly few pictures during the trip - especially considering we were house hunting (we're narrowing in on a decision. We found some good options) . In fact, the only picture we took was the one below:

Ick, commercial baby food is not so good.*

This trip was the first time we gave Noelle store-bought baby food. Until now, I've made all the fruit and vegetable baby food she has had. Maybe I made her food too thick - roughly the consistency of  very thin mashed potatoes - because I was surprised at how watery the commercial food was. It was like trying to give her soup. It also didn't help that she didn't seem to like the flavors I had bought very much. So, the stuff was getting everywhere =)  Fortunately, I had some baby oatmeal with us too. So, I used that to thicken up the baby food and then it went down much easier.

Noelle has gotten a lot stronger recently. That is wonderful and fun in so many ways. Today, she went from her stomach to a sitting position on her own for the first time! One drawback, of course, is that she's getting harder to keep in one place.

Since she now possesses the strength to flip herself out of her baby tub, we've been forced to seek alternatives. Unfortunately, she's bit big for the kitchen sink and the larger 'baby' tubs don't really work in our bath. All that was left to try was the 'big girl' tub. Here's Noelle enjoying her first 'real' bath:

What's the big deal? Same water, same toys.

No matter which way you get there, the end result is the same:

Clean baby!*

* If I look a little out of sorts in these shots, it's because I've been laid up with a bad ear infection since Thursday. Nasty business, ear infections. After two hours at the Dr. tonight, I finally have some antibiotics. So, hopefully this will be behind us soon!