Sunday, May 1, 2011

First Road Trip - Success!

Sorry we've been MIA... last week was busy! On Wednesday night we left for our first 'big' road trip - to San Francisco!

San Francisco was the perfect distance for a road trip right now, about 5.5 hours. The plan was to leave around 6:30 pm (Noelle's bedtime) so she could spend most of the drive sleeping. That's exactly what happened. She was such a good trooper, both there and back. She only cried a very little, maybe 10 minutes, on the way out. On the way back, Saturday night, we hardly remembered she was there until she stirred while we were getting gas. Who wouldn't, with those bright gas station lights? She was such a good sport about the whole thing, what a doll!

We took surprisingly few pictures during the trip - especially considering we were house hunting (we're narrowing in on a decision. We found some good options) . In fact, the only picture we took was the one below:

Ick, commercial baby food is not so good.*

This trip was the first time we gave Noelle store-bought baby food. Until now, I've made all the fruit and vegetable baby food she has had. Maybe I made her food too thick - roughly the consistency of  very thin mashed potatoes - because I was surprised at how watery the commercial food was. It was like trying to give her soup. It also didn't help that she didn't seem to like the flavors I had bought very much. So, the stuff was getting everywhere =)  Fortunately, I had some baby oatmeal with us too. So, I used that to thicken up the baby food and then it went down much easier.

Noelle has gotten a lot stronger recently. That is wonderful and fun in so many ways. Today, she went from her stomach to a sitting position on her own for the first time! One drawback, of course, is that she's getting harder to keep in one place.

Since she now possesses the strength to flip herself out of her baby tub, we've been forced to seek alternatives. Unfortunately, she's bit big for the kitchen sink and the larger 'baby' tubs don't really work in our bath. All that was left to try was the 'big girl' tub. Here's Noelle enjoying her first 'real' bath:

What's the big deal? Same water, same toys.

No matter which way you get there, the end result is the same:

Clean baby!*

* If I look a little out of sorts in these shots, it's because I've been laid up with a bad ear infection since Thursday. Nasty business, ear infections. After two hours at the Dr. tonight, I finally have some antibiotics. So, hopefully this will be behind us soon!

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