Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lone Star State

This weekend was a great adventure; we flew to Dallas, TX for my friend Shantini's wedding!

Shantini and I first became friends about 10 years ago (cough, can't believe it has been that long!) when we were RAs (resident advisors in a dorm) at Cornell together. Our friendship has survived the time and distance apart and I feel so fortunate to count Shantini among my closest friends.

Shantini meeting Noelle at the Rehearsal Dinner

The weekend was full of many wonderful events. Fortunately, we were able to spend both Friday and Saturday night hanging out with Shantini and her husband, Huy. Through a series of complications (read "procrastination and pregnancy") I hadn't yet been able to meet Huy! So, it was soooo nice, with all the family and friends around, that we were able to get to know Huy some. They are such a lovely couple =)

Enjoying the First Dance

The weekend could not have gone better from a logistical standpoint. The hotel/venue were extremely close which made everything very convenient. Noelle was an absolute doll all weekend, too. We couldn't believe how well she did with the plane flights and being in a strange environment - and meeting tons of new people!

Noelle's first Big High-Chair Experience

We can't imagine how the weekend could have gone any better. Again, it was sooo lovely to spend time with Shantini and Huy's friends and family. It was clear how much everyone loves this couple and how lucky everyone felt to be able to share in their wedding weekend. Some more fun pictures follow below. Now, we're all going to be early to recover =)

Can't go wrong with flying

Hanging out in the hair/makeup room

Almost crawling!

Preparations in full swing

Adorable Flower Girls

Beautiful Outdoor Ceremony

Enjoying the Reception

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  1. Wow, you look *amazing* Lindsey -- did Shantini chose those dresses just for you? And it looks like the little girl had a great time! Love those smiles Noelle!