Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random Photos

Rubber Ducky, you're the one

Help yourself, neighbor

Doggie Jail

Here's what I want to wear

Monday, June 27, 2011

Thai Temple

Thai Temple, actually named Wat Mongkolratanaram, is a Buddhist temple located in South Berkeley. On Sunday mornings/afternoons it hosts a fund-raising Thai brunch. When we visited Berkeley 6 years ago Alex and I went there and we loved it so much that we couldn't wait to go back.

Yesterday morning we headed out the door ASAP (read: after Noelle's morning nap) to get some yummy Thai food. Earlier that morning I had done my long run (I'm doing the San Francisco marathon in 5 weeks!) and was definitely ready to refuel.


The temple is located on a regular residential block. So, the facade is a bit of a surprise the first time you see it.

Pretty Facade

Ordering your food is organized chaos. The process is extremely streamlined, as long as you know what to do. First, you pay for tokens in a line to the left (each token = $1). The monks won't handle money directly, so, you purchase these tokens from volunteers and then use the tokens to purchase food from the monks. Tokens in hand, you then enter either the vegetarian or non-vegetarian lines to get your yummy food!

Food Lines

Finally, you help yourself to either a seat at the tables or a seat on the lawn outside and dig in.

Yeah, that's what I look like after a long run =)

We had a great time and even Noelle didn't seem to mind too much. I think this will become a Berkeley tradition for us!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Noelle's Nursery

There are many wonderful things about being in a house - albeit tiny and old =) It's a mansion in comparison to our old apartment! Today, I'll show you some pics of the room which we all love the best - Noelle's new nursery!

Pretty Crib, eh?

The quilts on the wall to the right of Noelle's crib have special significance; they were made by my maternal grandmother, Velda Case. The pink quilt with the adorable lamb was made specifically for my first baby (lucky Noelle!) and the yellow quilt to the right was made for me when was a newborn. Don't they look adorable together?

Look at the dresser/changing table combo!

Alex gets special praise for the dresser/changing table, which he ordered all by himself. He managed to match the crib and night table perfectly!

Enjoying some room to play!

Baby Jail

The Brock Report - grandbaby birth announcement!

The Brock Report is a weekly (almost, 48 times per year) commodity marketing advisory newsletter which my father has published for almost 30 years. When each of us, my siblings and I, were born, he did a little announcement in his report. For Noelle, he did the same thing! The bottom right corner of this issue announces Noelle's birth! I need to get an extra copy of my announcement and hang them together.

This artwork deserves special mention also.
  • On the left is a picture describing the qualities of "Saturday's Baby", sort of like a horoscope, that was a gift from my parent's friends, the Malcolms.
  • In the center is an adorable pottery piece with a dove in the center made for Noelle by Lina, the very first baby born in Avery House at Caltech, 10 years ago. Here is a link to the post I did when Lina gave this to Noelle: Link
  • On the right is a photo of Avery House students this year with us, Lina and Noelle in the picture also! The students gave us this as a going-away present =)

Monday, June 20, 2011

9 Months Old and Moved!

Poor Noelle, we were so busy on Saturday (and yesterday) with the move that we didn't mark her nine month-aversary. Happy 9 months, baby girl!

In short, our move went absolutely as smooth as possible. Movers packed us in Pasadena on Saturday and unloaded us in El Cerrito on Sunday. Our place is still a mess, but we're in and loving it. The kitchen and grill are functional, which is all we really need. We're still crazy busy unpacking, so lengthy details are forthcoming.

The dogs, banished to the yard while the movers unpacked.

Ezra 'helping'

Noelle's first time sleeping in her new crib - Ah, space!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busy Busy

It has been crazy around the Hayes household with celebrations and move preparations.

First up, last Friday was Alex's graduation. Yipee! We're super proud of him; look how pleased Noelle is before the ceremony:

Congratulations, Daddy!

The graduation ceremony itself was lovely. Caltech is so small that they actually call out each graduates' name individually for both undergraduates and graduate students.

Right After Receiving His Degree and Hood

After the full college ceremony, there was a smaller recognition ceremony back at Alex's department.

Alex Receiving Some Praise from Titans in his Field: Andy Ingersol and Charles Elachi

After all the formal stuff, we were able to grab some family pictures on campus.

The Family: Us and Alex's Parents

The rest of the weekend/week was busy with some family fun. We were able to make it over to my cousin Tim's new home (it's wonderful!), hang out at the park and other random fun things. Now we're in full moving mode. Saturday is the big day... we can't wait to be settled in our new home!

At the Park - Love Those Swings!

Silly Parents/Grandpa

Hangin' with Grandpa

Thursday, June 9, 2011


It has been a social few weeks for baby girl. First, two weeks ago, we had a visit from old MER (Mars Exploration Rover) friends Miles and Heather. Alex worked with Miles and Heather on the MER team (when they were all undergraduates) back at Cornell. It's hard to believe that that all first knew each other 10 years ago! Time is flying. Fortunately for us, we all think we still look the same =)

With Heather and Miles

Then, last weekend, Noelle's Uncle David came for a visit. She found him wildly entertaining; especially while he was feeding her. David is working for Rockwell Automation in Louisville, KY. So, we're lucking he was able to make it all the way to Los Angeles for a visit while we were still here.

Funny Uncle David

Noelle has also been spending some quality time with Aunt Stacy. Since she lives in Los Angeles, Stacy has been able to see Noelle. With us moving away next week, though, we've been trying to get in all the visits we can.

Hanging with Aunt Stacy

Finally, since I've been off of work the last few weeks, Noelle and I have been able to get some quality time with the strollers (normal and BOB) again. Daily walks and runs with her are something I really missed while working. We'll try to get in as many as possible between now and when I start working again in Berkeley =)

Riding in Style

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Enjoying a Swing Ride

I'll catch up with pictures shortly; Alex just returned from Berkeley with the camera. While he was out of town, Noelle and I spent some time at the local parks. Here is a clip of Noelle enjoying the swings =)

Swinging is Fun!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Busy Baby

I have many great photos of friends and family visiting with Noelle over the last week or so. Unfortunately, they're still on the camera which is with Alex in Berkeley this weekend. So, a video post of Noelle playing will have to suffice for now =)

Busy Playing