Monday, June 20, 2011

9 Months Old and Moved!

Poor Noelle, we were so busy on Saturday (and yesterday) with the move that we didn't mark her nine month-aversary. Happy 9 months, baby girl!

In short, our move went absolutely as smooth as possible. Movers packed us in Pasadena on Saturday and unloaded us in El Cerrito on Sunday. Our place is still a mess, but we're in and loving it. The kitchen and grill are functional, which is all we really need. We're still crazy busy unpacking, so lengthy details are forthcoming.

The dogs, banished to the yard while the movers unpacked.

Ezra 'helping'

Noelle's first time sleeping in her new crib - Ah, space!

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  1. OMG -- that crib photo is absurdly cute. Stretch it out Noelle!