Friday, June 24, 2011

Noelle's Nursery

There are many wonderful things about being in a house - albeit tiny and old =) It's a mansion in comparison to our old apartment! Today, I'll show you some pics of the room which we all love the best - Noelle's new nursery!

Pretty Crib, eh?

The quilts on the wall to the right of Noelle's crib have special significance; they were made by my maternal grandmother, Velda Case. The pink quilt with the adorable lamb was made specifically for my first baby (lucky Noelle!) and the yellow quilt to the right was made for me when was a newborn. Don't they look adorable together?

Look at the dresser/changing table combo!

Alex gets special praise for the dresser/changing table, which he ordered all by himself. He managed to match the crib and night table perfectly!

Enjoying some room to play!

Baby Jail

The Brock Report - grandbaby birth announcement!

The Brock Report is a weekly (almost, 48 times per year) commodity marketing advisory newsletter which my father has published for almost 30 years. When each of us, my siblings and I, were born, he did a little announcement in his report. For Noelle, he did the same thing! The bottom right corner of this issue announces Noelle's birth! I need to get an extra copy of my announcement and hang them together.

This artwork deserves special mention also.
  • On the left is a picture describing the qualities of "Saturday's Baby", sort of like a horoscope, that was a gift from my parent's friends, the Malcolms.
  • In the center is an adorable pottery piece with a dove in the center made for Noelle by Lina, the very first baby born in Avery House at Caltech, 10 years ago. Here is a link to the post I did when Lina gave this to Noelle: Link
  • On the right is a photo of Avery House students this year with us, Lina and Noelle in the picture also! The students gave us this as a going-away present =)

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  1. What a lovely new room for Noelle. She looks delighted! Also, *love* the quilts, art, and Brock report(s). Personal touches like that make it feel like home!