Thursday, June 9, 2011


It has been a social few weeks for baby girl. First, two weeks ago, we had a visit from old MER (Mars Exploration Rover) friends Miles and Heather. Alex worked with Miles and Heather on the MER team (when they were all undergraduates) back at Cornell. It's hard to believe that that all first knew each other 10 years ago! Time is flying. Fortunately for us, we all think we still look the same =)

With Heather and Miles

Then, last weekend, Noelle's Uncle David came for a visit. She found him wildly entertaining; especially while he was feeding her. David is working for Rockwell Automation in Louisville, KY. So, we're lucking he was able to make it all the way to Los Angeles for a visit while we were still here.

Funny Uncle David

Noelle has also been spending some quality time with Aunt Stacy. Since she lives in Los Angeles, Stacy has been able to see Noelle. With us moving away next week, though, we've been trying to get in all the visits we can.

Hanging with Aunt Stacy

Finally, since I've been off of work the last few weeks, Noelle and I have been able to get some quality time with the strollers (normal and BOB) again. Daily walks and runs with her are something I really missed while working. We'll try to get in as many as possible between now and when I start working again in Berkeley =)

Riding in Style

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