Monday, July 4, 2011

Back to Reality

With the move officially behind us, tomorrow it's back to reality with the start of our jobs. Alex will be starting his Miller Fellowship at Berkeley, I'll be beginning an engineering management role at Berkeley's Space Science Lab and baby girl will be making friends at her new day care.

We went back and forth over which day care option to use for Noelle. The two front runners were Berkley's fancy child development center and an in-home day care, run by a very nice women, a few blocks from our home. Berkeley's center, while extremely nice, is much more expensive and more inconvenient with very limited hours. The home day care seemed very nice the three times we visited and all of the kids there were happy and well-mannered. So, for now at least, that option won out. We'll see how it goes tomorrow =)

The last few days we took advantage of our remaining vacation. On Friday we went wine tasting in Sonoma! Noelle was a real trooper; she took a nap on the way up and then another one while we had lunch!

Ah, wine country is so beautiful!

Noelle enjoying the tasting room

Another tasting room; another place to play!

On Saturday we headed over to a local landmark, the Tilden Park Merry-Go-Round. Since it's just a few miles from our home, we will likely become frequent visitors, especially as Noelle gets old enough to really enjoy it.

The 100-year-old Merry-Go-Round

Cute baby horses for Noelle!

Note that Noelle's favorite part of the ride was gnawing on the brass handle bar. Our poor little teether has been miserable the past few days. Her next two top teeth finally broke through this morning. Six teeth and counting =)

After the ride, we headed into the park for a nice picnic. Below, Noelle has crammed every blueberry in sight into her mouth!

My mouth is too full to smile!

The final milestone for the weekend was Noelle's first spaghetti meal. We didn't even try to keep this from being messy.

Yum, where's more pasta?!?

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