Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Noelle's BIG News...

My Daddy is going to be a Cornell Professor!

Yesterday was a very big day for the Hayes family; Alex accepted an offer to be an Assistant Professor in Cornell's Astronomy Department!

We couldn't be more thrilled. The job, the university and the location are all things we love. Call us crazy, but we're happy about returning to Cornell and its four-season climate. Also very exciting is the prospect of the science Alex will be able to do there. Cornell's Astronomy department has exceptional people for Alex to collaborate with.

The plan is to move to Ithaca in 2013. Until then, we both have much to do at UC Berkeley, which we're extremely lucky to be associated with. Hopefully, we'll build some good cross-university collaborations!

Note: Special thanks to Grandpa Brock (also a Cornell alumni) for the "I get my hugs at Cornell" shirt!


  1. !! Planning my 2013 'road trip' from Schenectady (yes, for real, I live here) to Ithaca!! Super exciting :) Congrats Alex!

  2. Congratulations to the whole family! I remember you talking about wanting to live in Ithaca waaay back in 2004. So cool!