Sunday, July 24, 2011

Visits and Wine Tasting Part II

This was a busy week at our house. Alex is out of town for two weeks for some meetings in Pasadena (yeah, we just moved from there!). Fortunately, Noelle and I had some visitors to keep us distracted.

First, Grandma and Grandpa Brock came by. Grandpa Brock hadn't seen Noelle since December. So, he got to be surprised by how big she is! Grandpa had to leave on Wednesday for work and Grandma stayed on a few more days. Noelle sure loved all of the attention!

Getting a Good-Night Hug from Grandpa

A Little Tired the Next Night, with Grandma

Of Course, food was a big part of the week!

Next, Noelle had a visit from her Aunt Stacy and Uncle Ian. All kinds of fun ensued - eating, playing, even a trip to Thai Temple. The best part (from the adults point of view) was a wine tasting trip to Napa =)

We went to two wineries this time. They were actually in Calistoga, CA (north of Napa). The first was Sterling Vineyards. Sterling is a beautiful estate, with gorgeous views from their estate atop a hill. They offer a self-guided tour, where you get 5 wine tastings as you walk through the estate. A unique touch is that you ride a gondola to get up to the winery!

Stacy & Ian in the Gondola

Noelle enjoying the Ride

Gorgeous Views from the top!

Next we headed over to Cuvaison Estate Wines, just a half mile away. The draw of Cuvaison was their adorable picnic area. After our tasting, we bought a bottle of wine and headed over to the picnic tables to enjoy it and some food while Noelle napped. She was a doll and a great sport about being dragged around wineries (again).

Sleeping Soundly

Happy and Well Rested after the Nap!

Now, we're both resting and recovering from our busy weekend!

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