Sunday, August 28, 2011

Toddler Playground

I want to make Noelle's first birthday cake. I have, however, very little experience making cakes and I don't want to ruin it. So, this weeked I made a 'practice' cake. After a few false starts with the fondant (icing) it turned out okay.

Yummy Cake

Everyone thought the cake was a hit. I liked it, Alex liked, Noelle liked it and...

 Ugh, my tummy hurts!

...Ezra liked it! When Alex turned his back for a minute last night, Ezra gobbled up a whole piece! There wasn't even any frosting left. He continued his food stealing escapades this afternoon with Noelle's lunch. We have to start keeping a close eye on the little (big?) food theif!

Why yes, I would like some turkey. Thanks!

A few blocks from our home is a preschool with an adorable toddler playground. The playground is left unlocked on nights and weekends for the community (that's us!) to use. We frequently stop by there on our walks and today was no exception.

Spinning round-and-round!

Hunting for the next activity

Here I Come!

Learning to Cook

Having a Blast

 Learning to Slide

After all that, you would think Noelle would be tired. Yet, she still had plenty of energy to get into trouble back home =)

'Helping' in the office

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Relaxing Weekend

What else would we be doing?

It was a pretty lazy weekend around here. Originally, the plan was to all go into the city on Saturday and check out the Street Food Festival. Unfortunately, Noelle's teeth were giving her a hard time Saturday morning. After her morning non-nap, we decided taking her downtown probably wasn't a great idea. So, Alex headed out to meet our friends and baby girl and I had a nice in-door afternoon.

For no good reason, I decided to bake some naan (Indian flat bread). To keep Noelle occupied, I just dumped some flour on the kitchen floor and let her play around. Surprisingly, she thought it was hysterical.

Look at my mess!

Fresh naan, smells good!

Sampling the naan (and a kitchen magnet, apparently).

Sunday was more of the same, relaxing at home. The entertainment highlight today was some home-made Play Dough. It was very easy to make (thank you, Google). All you need is water, flour, lots of salt and some food coloring.

Playing with Daddy.

This is sooo cool!

Noelle thought the Play Dough was great. That is, until she didn't =)

I'm tired. Pick me up.

So, we had naps all around and now we're ready for the busy week ahead.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

11 Months Old and Family Pictures

I'm Standing On My Own!

This past month has been a dynamic one for Noelle. She has recently taken an interest in standing on her own, and can even take a few unassisted steps before tumbling down. It probably won't be long before we have an official toddler on our hands. It's incredible how quickly she is going from dependent baby to (relatively) independent little person.

We hit another huge milestone a few days ago; we've finished nursing. It's hard to not be a little sad that this wonderful relationship has passed. Noelle has just recently really started to like her bottles and not fight them. I also have some trips (fun and work) coming up soon when I'll be away from Noelle. So, all in all, it was a good time to move on.

In May, around our 5-year anniversary, we had some beautiful family photographs taken. Finally, we got (most of) them hung up around the house.

Family Pictures

Alex and I agree that we think the best photograph from the session is one of him with Noelle.

Daddy and Baby Girl

As something a little fun, we also had photographs taken in our wedding outfits. We plan to do this every five years. It will be fun to see the progression of our family over time. Also, it will motivate us to be able to stay fit to get into the clothes!

Wedding Day and 5 Years Later