Thursday, August 18, 2011

11 Months Old and Family Pictures

I'm Standing On My Own!

This past month has been a dynamic one for Noelle. She has recently taken an interest in standing on her own, and can even take a few unassisted steps before tumbling down. It probably won't be long before we have an official toddler on our hands. It's incredible how quickly she is going from dependent baby to (relatively) independent little person.

We hit another huge milestone a few days ago; we've finished nursing. It's hard to not be a little sad that this wonderful relationship has passed. Noelle has just recently really started to like her bottles and not fight them. I also have some trips (fun and work) coming up soon when I'll be away from Noelle. So, all in all, it was a good time to move on.

In May, around our 5-year anniversary, we had some beautiful family photographs taken. Finally, we got (most of) them hung up around the house.

Family Pictures

Alex and I agree that we think the best photograph from the session is one of him with Noelle.

Daddy and Baby Girl

As something a little fun, we also had photographs taken in our wedding outfits. We plan to do this every five years. It will be fun to see the progression of our family over time. Also, it will motivate us to be able to stay fit to get into the clothes!

Wedding Day and 5 Years Later

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  1. Happy 5yrs Alex and Lindsey! Can you believe it's been 5 YEARS? What an awesome idea to have pictures with Noelle in your wedding attire; they turned out amazing. Major kudos to you know what I mean. Does Alex know how lucky he is????