Sunday, August 28, 2011

Toddler Playground

I want to make Noelle's first birthday cake. I have, however, very little experience making cakes and I don't want to ruin it. So, this weeked I made a 'practice' cake. After a few false starts with the fondant (icing) it turned out okay.

Yummy Cake

Everyone thought the cake was a hit. I liked it, Alex liked, Noelle liked it and...

 Ugh, my tummy hurts!

...Ezra liked it! When Alex turned his back for a minute last night, Ezra gobbled up a whole piece! There wasn't even any frosting left. He continued his food stealing escapades this afternoon with Noelle's lunch. We have to start keeping a close eye on the little (big?) food theif!

Why yes, I would like some turkey. Thanks!

A few blocks from our home is a preschool with an adorable toddler playground. The playground is left unlocked on nights and weekends for the community (that's us!) to use. We frequently stop by there on our walks and today was no exception.

Spinning round-and-round!

Hunting for the next activity

Here I Come!

Learning to Cook

Having a Blast

 Learning to Slide

After all that, you would think Noelle would be tired. Yet, she still had plenty of energy to get into trouble back home =)

'Helping' in the office

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