Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend with Daddy

Labor Day weekend is my annual girls weekend for the Disneyland half marathon. Last year, at 8 1/2 months preggo, I wasn't really up for it. I was super excited to make the trip this year and very grateful that Alex would stay around and watch Noelle. (Yes, I went to Disneyland without my child, ahem). No stories on the girls weekend; what happens in Disney stays in Disney =)

Noelle, I think, got the better end of the deal anyway. By all reports, she and Alex had an awesome weekend. She even received her own piece of Disney magic with this adorable number that Alex got her. Just imagine how cute these two were together in the store while buying this outfit!

Noelle's Fairy Costume

Alex was a wonderful chef as well, giving Noelle her first Mac 'n Cheese dinner! (I foresee this will become a childhood staple). Here, Noelle looks on, horrified, as Suka attempts to steal her cheesy goodness:

Don't you dare!

Noelle displayed her inner interior decorator with some improvements to the bathroom decor:

Much Better

Even with all the fun she had, Noelle was of course still happy to see me when I got home. She was even happier, though, when I sat down next to her to eat a nectarine. Faster than you can say "Hey, that's mine!", she had claimed it for herself and completely devoured it. She really pitched a fit when I took it away long enough to get the pit out. Next time, I'll know to do that first!

My new favorite food!

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  1. *Such* a cute costume! And how cool you had a girls getaway, that must have been rejuvenating.