Monday, October 31, 2011

First Halloween; Trick-or-Treat!

Thanks for bib, Grandma!
Noelle's first Halloween started off like any other day - with a hearty breakfast. Unfortunately, I then had to head off on a business trip. Alex was ready to be the designated batter for Halloween, though. Back in September he was already planning when he got Noelle her adorable Halloween costume:

Our Little Fairy
Now, just because Noelle can't eat candy yet don't suppose we would forgo trick-or-treating. Parents, after all, need candy too! Even the dogs got in on the Halloween fun:
Trick-or-Treat; "Family Style"
As usual, Noelle needed no convincing to go for the good stuff. She knows a golden opportunity when she sees it!

Getting an Early Start...
It didn't take long, however, for Noelle to wear out. It's hard work being so darn cute!
I'm Tired
Passed Out; Trick-or-Treating is Hard Work!

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