Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This past weekend was busy! I was incredibly fortunate for two reasons:

1) Two very good friends of mine came to visit for a girls' weekend!
2) Alex happily watched Noelle while I was off having fun with them!

So yes, I'm a very lucky friend/wife/mother =)

Girls Weekend: Once again, the theme of girls weekend was a running event. This time it was the Nike Women's Half Marathon. We had heard/read that this was a crowded/difficult race and boy, was it! Fortunately, we entered with the appropriate attitude; we intended to just have fun and enjoy it. That is exactly what we did.

Living it up on the chocolate mile!

Just like the San Francisco Marathon, the course did not disappoint. We were treated to some wonderful views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the city, and the Golden Gate Park, where the race finished. The best part: instead of a finishers' medal the race gives out necklaces from Tiffany's! That's right, we each received the little turquoise box of happiness. Husbands be warned, the bar has been raised.

Baby's Weekend: Alex did a marvelous job keeping Noelle entertained while I was off doing the half marathon. First, on Saturday morning, he took our little fish to her second swimming lesson. Here she is, chewing on one of her bath toys in anticipation of the watery fun:

Ready to swim!*

How cute is the little otter? One of these days we will manage an actual picture of her in the pool. Given our work/travel schedules, getting both of us parents to the pool with her will take some time (Alex is out of town this weekend). So, pre-action shots will have to suffice for now.

Saturday evening, Alex managed to schlep Noelle to China Town for a dinner with myself, my girlfriends, and one of their husbands and two kids. Amazing, I know. He even used the BART (San Francisco's subway) to get there. 

Seeing the kids together was adorable... especially having the 4-year-old girl feed Noelle her dinner! All I really need is a 4-year-old to make this parenting thing easy, apparently. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the evening. Somehow, all five adults were too busy managing the three kids to take any pictures!

Hand-Me-Downs: And now for the title installment of today's post. The above-mentioned 4-year-old was gracious enough to donate her old clothes to Noelle. Much of Noelle's wardrobe has already come from this every-so-generous child and another wonderful box arrived this weekend. Noelle discovered this box while I was filling her bath tonight. Here is what I found:

Oh, cool! What's in here?

 Wow, what a mess!
Shortly after I took these pictures, Noelle selected her favorite article, a little navy and white dress, and walked over to me with it. How cute!?!

*This is the ONLY swimsuit I could find in TWO stores that actually covered her stomach. It is still a two-piece. Why oh why can I not find a decent one-piece swimsuit for my baby girl? Perhaps I'm too conservative but, really, bikinis for 1-year-olds?

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