Monday, November 14, 2011

Coat Weather and Sign Language

Finally enjoying her cool weather clothing!

It has finally gotten a little cooler in the Bay Area. I am not a fan of hot weather and am relishing the relief. Noelle is finally able to enjoy all of the cute little coats she has received! 

She was an especially big hit in her rain coat (left picture above). That picture is from Friday, when it rained all day on my day off with Noelle. We made the best of it, though. I took her to Target and let her walk up and down the aisles to her heart's content. I think she did her own little mini-marathon! We celebrated after with a yogurt (for her) and latte (for me).

Unfortunately, our long weekend was dragged down a bit by Noelle dealing with a double header; cold and teething. To add insult to injury, it was her lower molars giving her trouble (supposedly the worst?). She spent most of the weekend living it up in her jammies... and wrecking the bathroom, as usual.

I may be sick, but I can still have fun!

One wonderful turn of events this weekend, though, was Noelle's increasing use of signaling what she wants. The past few weeks she has gotten very good about asking to be picked up (raising her arms over her head) instead of just yelling at us. I know it's not much, but it's soooo nice to get the baby equivalent of 'please' in place of all that noise.

One of the babies at her daycare uses baby sign language. Clearly, his parents get a gold start... since Alex and I never bothered instilling this practice. Noelle, for her part, though, picked up the sign for "give me more, please". (Okay, I added the 'please'. I like to think I have a polite baby). Anyway, the gesture is bumping her little closed fists together, to signal that she would like something that she sees.

Even this one simple gesture has already made our lives much smoother. Gone, already, is the loud demanding when she wants another bite of what we're giving her, or the bottle she sees on the table. She just bumps her little fists together and, like magic, more of whatever she wants appears. She loves it. Of course, there are some limits to how well this little trick works. Ice cream got a lot of fist bumps; carrots, not so much =)

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