Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy turkey day to everyone! We hope you had wonderful Thanksgiving celebrations. Or, wonderful Thursdays, if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving! =)

We had a wonderful, low-key family Thanksgiving. The day started a little rough. Noelle was up (with Alex, thanks hubby!) at 5:30 am with some teething pain. By 8am, she looked like this:

Who says you can't sleep sitting up?

It was a bit of a rainy morning. We made the best of it, though, with some quality time at the park:

Rocking the track suit.
Can't get too much swinging!

We've already had two big turkey dinners this month. First, when my parents visited and second, at a friends house last Sunday. So, ready for a change of pace, our Thanksgiving this year was lasagna.

It just wouldn't be a holiday, though, without homemade pumpkin pie (thanks, Trader Joe's, for the easy directions!). Noelle looooves pumpkin pie. I think it just may have been her favorite part of the day!

Homemade pie and a silver fork, it doesn't get better then this =)

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