Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Little Farm

We had another fun-filled weekend around the Hayes' household. Really, every weekend should be four days long! Alex and Noelle had a good time with PlayDoh (yes, I bought it instead of made it). They even made a PlayDoh greyhound!
PlayDoh fun!

On Sunday, we headed over to a wonderful attraction in Tilden Park, Little Farm. Little Farm is exactly what it sounds like, a little farm =) I believe it's largely volunteer run. It's free to walk through and feed the animals (bring your own celery).

Unfortunately, we didn't get many animal pictures because we were busy bolstering Noelle's confidence - she was scared of most of the animals. It makes sense, from her perspective. She's so tiny and had never seen anything close to the size of a cow! So, we played it low-key and did a lot of watching from a distance. There was one animal Noelle did love, a chicken that was just her size. Noelle even reached out to pet it several times.

The not-so-scary chicken

On the way home we stopped by Trader Joe's and, more importantly, See's Candy. Noelle received a piece of chocolate and this is what she looked like when we got home:

More chocolate, please!

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