Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week with Mommy

Since Alex was out of town this past week, Noelle and I had another hectic/crazy/destructive/wonderful week together. As usual, household destruction was near the top of Noelle's to-do list.

The bathroom officially became Noelle's favorite room...

...though, this Lazy Susan isn't bad either!

Since Noelle's day care provider had a personal day on Thursday, we even had an extra day of mommy/daughter fun. Noelle accompanied me to the weekly Thursday lunch out with my co-workers... because a baby is just what everyone needs with their beer to unwind from the stressful work week =) My colleagues were good sports though, and Noelle dolled out the requisite amount of cuteness to make a mommy proud.

This evening we were graciously invited to an early Thanksgiving celebration at the home of one of Alex's colleagues. We took this opportunity to show off Noelle's new dress. How adorable is she in the dress/hat/shoes combo?!?

I couldn't be much cuter!

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