Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Swim Class

Belt buckles are hysterical, don't you think? 

After yesterday's day of travel, we're safely deposited on Long Island. The trip really couldn't have gone any better. Things were greatly improved when not only were Alex and I both upgraded to first class, but we got the bulk head first class seats. So, Noelle had a ton of room to play on the floor in front of our seats! Her favorite part of the trip, though, wasn't the first class seat, riding the train, or even the fancy food she got; it was the belt buckle on the plane seat! She cracked herself up for 10 minutes straight just opening and closing it!

Finally there - passed out!

Today Noelle had the special treat of meeting one of Alex's oldest friends, Andrew. She soaked up all of the attention she could get =)

Meeting Andrew and Tara

Grandma and Grandpa's house is full of wonderful surprises that have been keeping Noelle entertained and busy. The chair below is a big favorite... as are the signing stuffed-animals.

This chair is just right!

Nothing compares to the best thing of all, though; the pool! Noelle couldn't get enough of splashing around this afternoon. She'll turn into a little fish if we let her! What exciting surprises will Christmas bring?!?

I can swim by myself!

Father/daughter time =)

Swimming Video! (click on video to watch)

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