Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Wrap-Up

We had a hectic/crazy/wonderful trip to Long Island. Noelle had a blast and was a hit wherever she went (which was a lot of places!). We're comfortable relaxing at home and getting ready for the return to the norm on Monday. Here is a snapshot of our holiday visit.

 Modeling the latest bath/swim fashion

 Checking out her first set of wheels

 So many presents it's overwhelming!

 The best toy, of course, isn't a toy

 All dressed to go visit the relatives!

 I don't know about these birds

 Though, Grandpa seems to like them

 Dad gets all the 'chicks'

Ready to jump!

Finally, here is a short clip of Noelle playing with her new baby doll and stroller. She has her priorities straight =)

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