Thursday, December 8, 2011

Daddy's Helper

The last 6 months we haven't been the most diligent renters... allowing our lack of watering and the dogs' digging to take a toll on the back yard. Huge dirt patches have developed. Often, this leads to muddy doggy paws which make a mess of the inside of the house as well! So, this past weekend we decided to uproot and reseed the back lawn.

By 'we' I mean 'Alex'. Oh, and Noelle helped. At first, she was more interested in playing with the dog's outdoor beds:

It's a mini-trampoline!

Soon, though, she was doing her part. 'Only' a few hours later, there was a wonderfully re-seeded back lawn. Now, of course, we'll be walking the dogs for the next month or so instead of just letting them out the back. It's worth it, though, to avoid cleaning the carpets over and over!
This shovel is just my size.

Look, I can carry the lid!

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