Sunday, December 18, 2011

Let There Be Clean!

The Monday of Thanksgiving weekend our clothes washer broke. Our new washer (and dryer, because, they have to match - yes, we fell victim to classical marketing) finally arrived on Thursday. We survived 18 days without a washer... with two dogs and a baby. Needless to say, a ton (literally) of laundry got done around here over the weekend! Here they, and Alex, are in action:

Alex almost doesn't mind laundry with a machine this high tech!

The silver lining in this temporary inconvenience was that the old washer broke on the last day of the Thanksgiving sales - so we got the new machines for 50% off!

The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend. Unfortunately, poor Noelle had the flu. Our weekend was spent napping and cuddling indoors. A lot of Sesame St. was involved too! Here's my poor attempt at taking a picture of Noelle. She wouldn't let me put her down and our camera is big and unwieldy, it's the best I could do =)

Ugh, I do not like the flu!

With Noelle napping so much, Alex and I had time to make some Christmas cookies. Our first attempt at Russian tea cakes was a major fail. Apparently, melting the butter was a BIG mistake. The little balls all melted together in the oven.

Cookie FAIL

While Noelle and I were at Target, Alex re-did the tea cakes all by himself. We came home to beautiful sugary balls of goodness. The candy cane cookies are yummy too!

Mmmm, Christmas cookies!

It may be because she's sick, but, strangely, Noelle didn't want anything to do with the cookies. Really, she didn't want anything to do with food all weekend. I ended up wearing almost everything we got her to eat. Besides being permitted vast quantities of apple juice during her sickness, there was one other bright spot:

Yum, I'll eat this sucker, sure enough!

That's the happiest she was all weekend =)

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  1. Oh man, poor sweetie. It's rough when they are sick (and hard on the family wardrobe too). P.S. nice machines! And boy, Alex makes a mean cookie eh?