Monday, January 23, 2012

Rainy Weekend

It has been raining in Berkeley for five days. The sun finally made an appearance around 5pm today. Needless to say, we have had to get a little creative with indoor baby entertainment.

First up this weekend was a trip to IKEA where Noelle acquired her very own dining table. She already loves having furniture that is her size. After only a day, all I have to do is tell her to 'go sit in her chair' when she wants food and she'll go and wait for it there. Awesome! Here she is enjoying it on the first day:

This table is just right!

Suka is also a fan of the baby table. It is much easier to get dropped food from under it.

Eat a little messier, please.

 After lunch, Noelle made her very first batch of chocolate chip cookies. She also discovered that wonderful childhood treat that is the cookie dough covered beater. She was in little toddler heaven.

Why haven't you given me one of these before?

This, and the newly baked cookies, led to a sugar coma which she worked off while watching Sesame Street in her new toddler chair.
Am I spoiled? Yes. Too much? Not even close!

There was some Play-Doh fun thrown in there for good measure too.

I'll get that little man =)

The highlight of her rainy day, though, came right before bed while getting a ride in Dad's office chair. The clip below is about a minute long. She spent at least 5 minutes total spinning in that chair. I think she'll be an endorphin junkie like her Daddy.
More Spinning!

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  1. Love it. You've inspired me to get M her own little chair.