Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day in Napa/Sanoma

Today we decided to take simultaneous advantage of the beautiful weather and our proximity to Napa Valley. We headed up to Napa/Sanoma Valley for some wine, lunch and scenery.

The Girls

Daddy and Baby Girl

After our day of fun and wine tasting (more adult fun!) we started the trek back to the East Bay. A few miles before getting on the major freeway, something was clearly wrong with the car. Uh oh. I pulled us over and, sure enough:

Flat Tire

Fortunately, in the realm of car trouble, a flat tire is very easy to deal with. Noelle and I improvised a parking lot picnic while Dad did the heavy lifting.

Why are we eating here?

The spare tire was a little flat itself. So, one more stop at a gas station for some air and we were on our way, no worse for wear. Unfortunately, this is the undeniable sign that it is time to replace my tires. While the tread looks good, the mileage and performance say they're through!

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  1. oh no!!!! But good the tire blew on a sunny day with Alex on hand to help. Looks like the little lady enjoyed the weekend outing.