Monday, February 6, 2012

Fun with Visitors!

Alex and I got some major relief this weekend with baby duty; Noelle's Grandma Brock, Aunt Stacy and Uncle Ian all came to visit! Fortunately, the weather cooperated and we had weekend full of outdoor fun =)

Hanging with Grandma

One thing that definitely wasn't lacking this past weekend was special treats. Not only did Noelle get her own goodies, but she became very convincing at asking for bites from everyone else.

Aunt Stacy and Dad sharing their ice cream

Her very first cupcake; vanilla with rainbow sprinkles!

All of this treat eating was to replenish energy lost from running around outside. We went to the park (three times) and, best of all, Tilden Park's Animal Farm. Somehow, all of our photographs are just of Noelle. I guess we're biased. Those animals just aren't interesting in comparison.

Visiting with a cow

Contemplating the great mystery that is the chicken

Finally, Dad was trying out his new tripod. So, we had some photo fun.

 Silly Mom

The Family

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