Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cal Academy of Sciences

On Saturday, we headed over to the Cal Academy of Sciences, in downtown San Francisco, to give Noelle her first aquarium experience. Here's how it went:


We didn't even begin to make it through all of the exhibits. This place was massive, containing everything from the huge aquarium exhibits to a three-story, self-enclosed rain forest habitat. Even some South African penguins were there!

Penguin feeding

Getting a good view of the action

What are you wearing on your face?

Another wonderful attraction was a toddler play area. Not only was there a lot of fun activities in the play area, but the number of kids in there at any given time is kept at a fixed number. So, it was a safe, non-crowded area for some fun. At the end of the day, everyone had a wonderful time!


Taking a ride

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