Friday, March 16, 2012

First 'Belly' Pics

Ah, the beginning of pregnancy belly pictures. This when it starts to feel 'real'... when you look, and don't just feel pregnant. We're at 18 weeks (4 months) pregnant right now. With the 1st pregnancy I thought "Yay, I'm showing!". This time; it's "ugh, I'm showing."

Looks like too many burritos instead of a baby, still =)

A little more preggo-looking here

In unrelated news, Noelle just scored her first motorized ride! Alex took her to Target last night while I finished some work and they came home with this adorable, loud, large device:

All I have to do is push a button!

Noelle, of course, thinks this is a wonderful addition to the household. The last time Alex went to Target alone with Noelle, he came back with the big slide you see in the background above and another riding toy. Alex is no longer permitted unsupervised trips to Target =)

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  1. Looking great Lindsey! Alex must be scoring major fun points with the little Miss.