Friday, March 2, 2012

Mornings with Noelle

Alex is out of town, this time for 12 days. So, Noelle and I are getting some quality time together! Mornings are her most dynamic time; she's full of energy, having fun and, most notably, up early. Baby girl is a wonderful sleeper. No matter what we do to try and keep her up she usually passes out around 6pm and sleeps for 12 hours straight. It's amazing, except that means we see her at 6 am every morning =)

The first hour or so of the morning is perhaps the best part of the day. We read books in bed, she 'baby dials' people in my phone (note to all friends/family: we apologize for any early morning baby calls you may have received!) and we cook a hearty breakfast. Today, she had so many of my eggs that I grabbed myself a ClifBar on the way out the door!

After the first hour, however, it's time to get serious and get ready for the day. I need to shower, get us dressed, etc. Only, Noelle doesn't get the memo; to her, it's still play time. So, the bathroom becomes the new arena. This morning, here's what she dragged in there:

 Noelle's Entertainment

She loves to bring me essential items while I'm in the shower; i.e. throw them in and watch them roll around. Today, she brought me what you see above (okay, the chair didn't actually make it into the shower, but she tried really hard to get it in there) plus: a book, volley ball, beach ball, phone, hair brush, makeup and tampons. Since, really, who can possibly take a shower without all of those essentials!

Next, we move on to getting dressed. While I'm busy looking for clean clothes, she helps by putting my shoes away. By 'away' I mean taking them out of the shoe rack and putting them where she thinks they should go:

Much Better

Somehow, we both managed to end up clothed and get out the door. If the dogs are lucky, I remember to let them out and feed them first!

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