Sunday, April 15, 2012

Apples are Good!

For whatever reason, one of the first words that Noelle started saying consistently was 'Apple'. She loves apples. Usually, she asks for an apple, gets it, then happily eats it. She'll even run around the playground while eating an apple. She holds apples in the stroller. If she has a security object, it's an apple. Sometimes, though, this would happen:

1. Noelle asked for an apple with a clearly dictated "apple".
2. We gave her an apple.
3. Noelle took a bite of the apple, threw it on the ground, and then asked for another "APPLE".
4. Repeat steps 2-3 for however long it took us to make it up the parenting learning curve (too long).

Once, I even went to get myself an apple from the bowl and discovered they all had little bites taken out of them. Hmm. Then we thought to hand her a nectarine. 

Noelle says, "Yumyum, apple!", and happily walks away eating it. We learned that, to Noelle, 'Apple' = 'round fruit I want at the moment'.

Tonight, then, was a very special Sesame Street episode for Noelle. It was about how yummy apples are! Two minutes into the episode she ran up to me an asked for an apple, then happily sat in her chair eating it though songs and skits about the wonderful fruit that is the apple. Tonight was definitely an 'apple' night!

Even Cookie Monster says apples are good!

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