Sunday, April 29, 2012

Muir Woods National Monument

Today Alex returned home from a 9-day trip to Vienna, Austria. Noelle was so happy to see her daddy at the airport. I wish I had brought the camera in from the car!

From the Airport, we headed across the Golden Gate Bridget to Muir Woods National Monument (because, really, who doesn't want to go hiking right after an eleven hour flight?). While it was a bit touristy for hiking and very crowded (we didn't realize that today was a 'free' entry day, oops!), the woods were in deed very beautiful. Also, the weather was wonderful and it was a very easy hike to do with Noelle. We stayed on the 2.2 mile paved loop trail. I think Noelle walked at least 1/2 mile of it!

Old Redwood Trees

 Hiking with Dad

Is Mom getting fat?

 What? I wasn't going to climb over, really!

All that walking is hard work!

Daddy brought me a new dress =)

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